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Living Your True Nature

„Fed up with feeling blocked and frustrated?

No time for many sessions?

Then you´re exactly right with me!


I’ll tell you straight away in just one phone call,

where you’re stuck and how to get out of it.  


Long coaching was yesterday.

The radical I AM is now!“



I`M GABI and I help you…

Find your true inner happiness by using my human superpower.

This works far more effectively than any coaching method.






My coaching is NO conventional conceptual coaching and thus extremely powerful.

During our call, I skip the intellect and contact you on an essential level.

 You´ll receive all the intuitive information you need!

(Actually, you could do that for yourself as well, because everyone has that inner voice of leadership that we call gut feeling or intuition.

All too often, however, we do not listen to our inner self, to that delicate voice in us.

It `s drowned out by conditioning and beliefs and in general by the image we have of ourselves.)

I leave out all crappy mindstuff so you can realize what is essential for you to move on.

You´re reconnecting with your true self and start living with a new clarity.

„Crazy! That hit home! Best conversation in years.“

Stev Klapschuweit

„Gabi, you are clear and straightforward – and that’s wonderful, because that’s how you helped me grow inward at a point where I was stuck. I do the exercise for my radical self everyday and with it I get into a pure state of being. You’re doing great!“

Carolin Schulz


First, everything is different and secondly then you think when talking to Gabi. Unadorned and clear, Gabi shows years of behavioral patterns and finds the one question that leads to the core and thus to the solution. Surprising, irritating and absolutely recommendable.“

Mirja Geertz


„A beautiful and downright poetic session with an amazingly simple answer to many questions. Highly recommended.“

Barbara Luzi


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